You can charter fully equipped and river/canal ready touristic boats for an awsome cruise on Great Loop of Wielkopolska (WPW)

Charter a touristic boat

Our boat called NaszaPasja (which means OurPassion) cruises through the rivers of Great Loop of Wielkopolska since year 2010. It’s a comortable boat for six adults. The charter procedure is quick and easy, you don’t need any special permissions for it. If you don’t have a motorboat certification or sailing licence we will train you for free at the beginnig of your cruise.

Boat construction

We have two our own custom designed touristic boat projects. Both designed by a specialist based on our experience in cruising through polish rivers. We can also build a boat based on your own project.

Modernization & maintenance

We can upgrade and rebuild a hull and deck of your boat or yacht. We specialise in lowering submergence to adapt the boat to polish rivers. We also recommand our boat racks and maintenance service.

Bring your boat from Netherlands

We have multiple experience in buying and bringing touristic river boats from Netherlands. We can advise and help to  bring your boat to you.

If you have any questions or if you want to book a boat – drop us a line

Come with us!

Join us in our great cruise through europen rivers „Warta – Loara 2018”.
We’re going with two motor boats, both with pilots, toilets and kitchen facilities.
The cruisse begins in may 2018 in Poznań or Kostrzyn nad Odrą. We’ll go through Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris and Luxsembourg.
It’s a 5 months cruise but the crews will change every saturday.
We’ll be exploring a variety of interesting places, e.g. Loire castles in Blois and Orlean.

If you want to go on adventure with us please drop us a line. Just tell us in what part of the cruise are you interested e.g. John Doe / part 2 – Germany. Then you’ll receive the contract to read and sign, plus we’ll answear all your questions.
That’s our email:

For all the news check out our Facebook event (CLICK). We can answear your questions there too!

Our river cruises on boats are awsome